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"Syntagmata" reviews

19th September 2021

Here it is a selection of some reviews (mostly in Italian) of my new full length album "Syntagmata":

Any webzine or label interested in receiving a physical copy of "Syntagmata" is welcome to get in touch.

New album out now!

26th February 2021

New full length album "Syntagmata" is out now in digital format, with a physical edition following soon. "Syntagmata" is the result of two years of sound experiments and experiences, and it features four tracks focusing on different ways of conceiving electroacoustic composition.

September stuff

21st August 2020

I will take part in two interesting events this coming September:

5th September - Florence, Tempo Reale Festival
Glitch Party, with lots of other musicians, live and streaming from Bologna and Montreal.

18th September - Modena, Festival Filosofia
Diana Hobel's "Golem", for which I am aiding composers Claudio Rastelli and Nicola Straffellini with AI music generation.

News after lockdown

21st June 2020

Finally after the lockdown there are new events featuring a couple of works of mine: on June 21st, a field recording made during the lockdown will be presented in Vigevano (Pavia, Italy) at Festa della Musica, and for June 25th the Sound and Music Conference (Torino, Italy but streamed online) has my composition "Biomaton" scheduled in the music programmme. Further info here.

Futura Festival

22nd August 2019

My composition "Fluctus" has been chosen to be broadcasted during the Nuit Blanche of Festival Futura 2019, which will be held in Crest (France) from 22nd to 25th August. Full program here.

Two festivals

12th November 2018

This week two festivals will host some music of mine: Rimusicazioni Film Festival (Bolzano, Italy) will screen Orson Welles' "The Hearts of Age" with a soundtrack I created, while Culture and Sustainable Cities (Lisboa, Portugal) will broadcast my track "Firenze De_constructed".

You can watch "The Hearts of Age" here:

"7 Pieces", new full-length album out now

30th January 2018

Finally, a new full-length album is out! It is called "7 Pieces", and features compositions with different backgrounds and styles, ranging from electroacoustic to musique concrete, from dark ambient to field recordings and modern classical. The album is already available in digital format and the CD will be out on February, 6th.

Listen to the whole album, and download or buy it:


29th October 2017

A piece of mine, "Getsemani", has been chosen to be showcased during the Muslab 2017 International Festival and will be played in Mexico City on December, 13th.
Check out the full program for a load of interesting events all over the world here.

This is the composition of mine that will be played:

Play900 | Museo Novecento + Tempo Reale Festival

15th August 2017

On September, 15th a sound installation will be held inside Museo Novecento (Firenze), as a part of Tempo Reale Festival 2017.
Visitors of the museum will be given a set of wireless headphones to listen to three playlists during their visit. I have the honour to be featured with one track of mine, "Una Giornata", side by side with talented contemporary musicians and legends from the XX century. Further details (in Italian), on the dedicated page.

Brand new website online!

11th August 2017

After many years, here it is a renewed website, not so different from the previous one but optimized for (hopefully) and kind of device.
Stay tuned for some interesting stuff coming along the way soon...