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My name is Valerio Orlandini, I am (not only) a musician from Italy. Apart from my musical production (that you can check here), I am deeply involved into sound design and in creating a soundscape to any kind of moving images, be they a short film, an advertisement, an art installation or a series of pictures.
This micro website has been created in order to give you an idea of what could I do for you.
If you want to know more about my activity as sound designer, you can check the website of my small company, Sonus Dept.. There you will find my sound libraries and the custom sound design works I can do.

I like to work with different sound sources, acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings and everything I feel necessary to render all the details I have in mind.
When I work together with a director, a visual artist or a developer, I believe in a strong exchange of thought and impressions during the progress of my job. The aim is to find something that turns two separate aspects -sound and images (or words)- into an inseparable unicum, a complete multimedia experience.
If you'd like to check some works of mine as a soundtrack composer, just scroll down and discover.



Some videos I made sountracks to.

Soundtrack for "Industrial Amsterdam" from Letizia Giannelli

Soundtrack for "XXI - La Voleuse du Monde" from Letizia Giannelli

"Echoes" is an audiovisual work done in collaboration with Letizia Giannelli

Soundtrack for the 1906 silent film "La Peine du Talion" by Gaston Velle

Proposal for an advertisement for A Sound Effect website

"Erlkoenig" is an abstract short film directed by me


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