Collective Nimêl

improvisation, contamination, sgrunf!

Collective Nimel is an artistic (mainly -but not only- musical) collective born between Prato and Florence in 2012. We do not have a fixed lineup, and are always looking for new people and ideas.
During these years we performed in very different situations, from poetry readings to drunk industrial gigs, from collaborations with talented musicians and videomakers to anything else you could imagine - but probably you are afraid to know.


25.12.2016 - C.C. "I Gigli" | Campi Bisenzio
25.05.2016 - Locanda del Terzo Tempo | Prato
20.05.2016 - No Cage | Prato | with Collettivo Ned
11.05.2016 - Locanda del Terzo Tempo | Prato
15.11.2015 - No Cage | Prato | with HysM?Duo
02.10.2015 - Libreria Cuentame | Empoli | with Luca Gini
21.05.2015 - Casa del Popolo | Caldine | with Luca Buonaguidi
25.04.2015 - Circolo Primavera | Santa Croce sull'Arno
12.04.2015 - Tesla Science Bar | Montelupo Fiorentino | with Luca Buonaguidi & Daniele Gaudiano
11.12.2014 - Circolo Brusciana | Brusciana | with Luca Buonaguidi & Daniele Gaudiano
29.04.2014 - Controsenso Club | Prato | with Luca Buonaguidi & Daniele Gaudiano


Live in Santa Croce sull'Arno (Tape, 2016)
Live recording of our wildest noise performance ever, held on April 25th 2015 in Santa Croce sull'Arno (Pisa). A tribute to chaos dedicated to the best television presenter ever.
An infernal mixture of harsh synth sounds, heavy bass and drunken vocals. Many thanks to Devid for his interest and to Natalie for the (sadly not satisfied) arousal.
Available on tape or for free download on Bandcamp.


"Live ai Gigli" (2016)

"Ferragosto" (2015)

"Ho Parlato alle Parole" (2014)


We love any kind of collaboration, especially those involving a dinner and dirty things. Get in touch!

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