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01.10.2016 _ to know more about my activity as soundtrack composer and sound designer, you can visit this dedicated microwebsite

09.07.2016 _ new album "Spirale" is out now. Listen to, buy and download here

21.03.2015 _ Some new stuff: the first NORV album and "Rotten Venus", an industrial poem, now available. Follow the links to know more!

06.11.2014 _ Valerio has been recently featured in two compilations with unreleased stuff. Discover "Death Season 4" and "Ghost Box Radio: Telephone to the Dead" compilations!

04.09.2014 _ two new live dates annunced.

12.06.2014 _ a collection of selected poems (in Italian) written by Valerio is now available. Read it online or download a copy for free. You can order a printed copy for only 2 EUR + shipping.

26.04.2014 _ new full-length album "Luci Accese alle Soglie del Mattino" is out now in a strictly limited edition of 20 tapes from Cruel Nature Records. Listen to and buy a copy here.

23.03.2014 _ new EP "Annullamento" is out now. Listen to and download for free here and order a CD.

13.01.2014 _ in addition to the video installation at Controsenso (Prato, 28th January, details here), on 26th January Valerio will take part in another festival, again as a videomaker, supporting the music performance of Diodrone Conspiracy. Facebook event and details here.

08.01.2014 _ an exhibition of Valerio Orlandini videos will be held on January, 28th at Controsenso Club (Prato). Facebook event and details here.

31.10.2013 _ a new Valerio Orlandini album is on the way. Details will be revealed soon, in the meanwhile there is a brand new website dedicated to it, which will feature related photos, poems and videos.

03.10.2013 _ the live date for NORV planned for November, 5th has been cancelled. On the other hand, Symbiosis live on October, 19th and NORV live the following week (details coming soon...)

18.09.2013 _ new live date announced: 05th Nov. 2013 Calenzano [as NORV]

10.09.2013 _ on 14th Sep. 2013, at Rullante Club (Firenze), there will be a video installation by Valerio. Check the Facebook event here

22.07.2013 _ new live date announced: 31st Jul. 2013 Prato [as NORV]

01.07.2013 _ on 10th Jul. 2013, in Prato, Valerio will perform with a live gig as Symbiosis and with a reading of some poems of his own

07.06.2013 _ from now Valerio Orlandini is a proud member of the Eurasian Artists Association, which "includes artists (writers, painters, musicians of different genres) who officially support the Eurasian idea of a multipolar world of cultures and traditions against modern globalist monotony". Visit its Facebook page and discover a lot of interesting artists, all joined together!

04.06.2013 _ new live date announced: 22nd Jun. 2013 Calenzano (FI)

14.04.2013 _ new live date announced: 19th Apr. 2013 Firenze

12.02.2013 _ new live dates announced: 16th Feb. 2013 Firenze - 30th Mar. 2013 Prato (as NORV)

13.01.2013 _ new live date announced: 25th Jan. 2013 Firenze [as NORV, new project with Naresh Ran]

12.01.2013 _ new website online

28.06.2012 _ new live dates announced: 29th Jun. 2012 Firenze - 14th Jul. 2012 Calenzano (FI)

21.06.2012 _ out now "Noi(se) per l'Emilia", a benefit compilation to help the people striken by the earthquake happened in Italy last month. Minimum offer 5 EUR, listen to and buy it online here.

08.01.2012 _ new live dates announced: 12th Jan. 2012 Prato - 9th Feb. 2012 San Miniato (FI)

01.11.2010 _ out now: full length digital release "LentoVeloce Propagare d'Abissi", released for free download by Petcord netlabel. Click here to reach the download page