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7 Pieces
7 Pieces

Self released, cdr, 2018

1. Echoes
2. Getsemani
3. Ordalia
4. In Inverno
5. Una Giornata
6. Io i Coperchi
7. Noia


Self released, tape, 2016

1. Echi dal Dopo
2. Spirale
3. Storia della Mattina
4. Debris
5. Muri di Sordità
6. Di Notte e Quasi Nudo
7. Die without Reason

Luci Accese alle Soglie del Mattino
Luci Accese alle Soglie del Mattino

Cruel Nature Records, tape, 2014

1. I
2. II


Self released, cdr, 2014

1. Una Croce al Sole
2. Rituale della Nascita
3. Crasi di Corpi
4. Ri-petizioni
5. Rituale del Nulla
6. Disintegrazione
7. Contemplazione del Tuo Corpo Nudo e Morto

Saturno Meccanico
Saturno Meccanico

Self released, cdr, 2012

1. XM11 Useless Factory
2. Metro Theme
3. Stag Film
4. Le Carceri
5. Elettrosanto
6. Bad Burns

LentoVeloce Propagare d'Abissi
LentoVeloce Propagare d'Abissi

Petcord Records, digital, 2010

1. LentoVeloce Propagare d'Abissi

Winter Solitude
Winter Solitude

Black Montanas, digital, 2007

1. Winter
2. Solitude

Compilation appearances

"Path of Awareness" (from "A Radio-Bridge across the Zambezi, Radio Continental Drift, 2018, digital release)
"Flows of Uncertainty" (from "Exhibition:Red Volume 3", Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2018, CD and digital release)
"Isola d'Elba" (from "Soundmaps for the Dreamer II", Sonospace, 2018, digital release)
"Tales from the End of the Yuga" and "Die without Reason" (from "From Eurasia with Love", 2018, digital release)
"Himmelholzteg 27" (from "Himmelholzteg 5", Petroglyph Music, 2017, digital release)
"Lid Hid" (from "Musique Concrète paradox apocalypse compilation", Institute for Alien Research, 2017, digital release)
"Camera di Compensazione Postuma" (from "Nachzehrer II", 2017, digital release)
"Gli Arya Seggono ancora al Picco dell'Avvoltoio" (from "A Man among the Ruin - Tribute to Julius Evola", SkullLine, 2017, CDr)
"Fly", "Concert I" and "Church Installation" (from "Summer Camp 2017", Audiotalaia, 2017, digital release)
"Just A Moment" (from "Just A Moment", Sudden Moment Recordings, 2017, digital release)
"Eurasian Solidarity" (from "Messina 1908", Dornwald Records, 2017, CD)
"Stronger You Will Rise Again" (from "Dua for Syria", Cyanur Prod., 2016, digital release)
"Aleatoric Atlantic Drift" (from "Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 7", 2016, digital release)
"Shores of Iceland" (from "Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 6", 2016, digital release)
"Threnody" (from "Pray for Lebanon", Cyanur Prod., 2016, digital release)
"Last Broadcast from Humanity" (from "Necktar 2017 Vol. 8", 2016, digital release)
"Cold Confessions" (from "Discovery 1", Soft Recordings, 2016, digital release)
"La Vendetta dei Moscibecchi" (from "The New Noise Vol. 3", 2015, digital release)
"Separazione dei Gemelli (live)" (from "A New Era Vol. 2", CMA Records, 2015, digital release)
"Requiem for the Victims of Donbass" (from "Donbass", 2015, digital release)
"Labbra sul Sole d'Inverno" (from "Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 4", 2015, digital release)
"Black Flowers Blossom" (from "Death Season 4", Darker Days Ahead, 2014, Pro-CDr and digital release)
"Dove Sei Adesso?" (from "Ghost Box Radio Dark Ambient Compilation Vol. 1: Telephone to the Dead", 2014, digital release)
"Amongst the Ruins" (from "Necktar 2017 Volume 6", Le Colibri Nécrophile, 2014, digital)
"Seize the Cute Cat" (from "Noise Punxxx 2", Shit Noise Records, 2014, digital release)
"Signum Ardens Rapuit Adolescens" (from "AmbientBook Dark Edition Vol. 1", 2013, digital release)
"The Coldness She Felt Within" (from "Athmosphere in Darkness", 2012, digital release)
"Frammenti d'Apocalisse" (from "Noi(se) per l'Emilia", 2012, digital release)
"Stelle" (from Tarot series n. 17 "The Star", Invisible Eye Productions, 2009, miniCDr)
"Pedophobia" (from "Arcana Vault", Invisible Eye Productions, 2009, CDr)
"The Shower" (from "Field Recordings Compilation Vol. 1", Species, 2009, CDr)
"Crawling Leaf" (from Lunar Hypnosis compilation "Autumn Calls - Winter Awaits", 2008, digital release)